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What is investment residency?

Investment residency is the process of obtaining permanent residency in a country through an investment in that country’s economy. PR status is granted faster compared to legacy applications.

Why would people invest in permanent residency?

There are many reasons to invest in permanent residency, from personal security to increased mobility globally. Permanent residency opens up a world of opportunities for wealthy investors. safety Having permanent residency in a stable and peaceful country can save your life in the event of any political unrest in your home country. This type of insurance is invaluable to investors and their families. global mobility Many passports severely restrict visa-free travel, requiring citizens to apply for visas whenever they need to travel abroad. Permanent residency permits greater global mobility for those from these countries.

For example, a Chinese passport only allows visa-free entry into 58 countries, while a Portuguese permanent residence allows unlimited travel within the Schengen area, which includes 26 European countries. The difference in global mobility translates into amazing time savings when submitting visa applications, invaluable for business professionals around the world. In our passport index you can find visa waiver ratings for all passports around the world. work Participants in the investment residency program will be able to do business in the host country and travel abroad more freely, opening up new business opportunities. tax management Permanent residency has proven beneficial in optimizing taxes. For example, Bulgaria has one of the lowest income tax rates in Europe. This allows investors to manage their assets more efficiently and effectively

Most residency programs are available to family members of the primary applicant. This allows investors to secure a better future for their spouses and children. PR status provides access to world-class healthcare, education and a fulfilling lifestyle.

Education is the cornerstone of being a successful global citizen. Investing in permanent residency allows applicants and their children to be eligible for domestic tuition rather than abroad and access to the best schools in the world.

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