EUROPE- Advision Overseas

European Citizenship is one of a kind. This article will be your guide as to how you can be a citizen of European countries and which all countries are entertaining CBI and have a booming economy. 

You can make a sizable financial investment in the European nations and obtain citizenship by investment . These schemes let overseas investors become citizens. In order to become a citizen of Europe through investment, there are a number of common actions that must be taken. They include the following:

  • First step would be to find out which nation in Europe offers citizenship by investment opportunities and do some research on that nation. Malta, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Austria are a few of the European nations that provide citizenship by investment programmes.
  • Second study citizenship by investment program’s qualifying requirements and investment alternatives in the selected nation. Normally, you’ll have to meet specific investment requirements. This would include making a minimum investment ( which differs from nation to nation) in government bonds, property, or enterprises. You will also have to meet residence and background check requirements.
  • Get a trustworthy local immigration attorney or investment advisor to guide you through the citizenship by investment procedure and make sure you meet all eligibility requirements.
  • Send your citizenship by investment application and all necessary supporting documents to the appropriate government body. The documentation work would include submission of the following documents and proofs, financial statements, investment contracts, and documentation of your background and current residency status are a few examples of this.

You will be given citizenship only after you have met all of the citizenship by investment program’s requirements


It is significant to note that applications for citizenship by investment schemes in Europe can be challenging and time-consuming. Thus, we at ADVISION OVERSEAS bring to you a team of professionals that will work , adjust , programmed and curate the best plan and documentation work for you. It is advised that you obtain guidance and contact us for free consultancy and know more about the CBI scheme and other opportunities.