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Caribbean citizenship by investment (CBI) schemes describe how one can become a resident of a Caribbean nation by investing money in that country’s economy.

In return for citizenship and the advantages associated with it, such as visa free travel and exposure to a wider number of business opportunities, the programmes are meant to attract international investors who are willing to make a specified number of financial investments in the country’s economy and adding value to it.

Numerous nations in the Caribbean region, including Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Lucia, offer nationality by investment. These nations have been providing a CBI program for several years and have become favorable to international investors.

Acquiring nationality through a CBI (citizenship by investment)  initiative typically includes making a large investment in real estate, a local company, or a public fund. Every nation has a different set of guidelines and investment requirements for the scheme. Depending on the nation and the investment option opted, the required investment may vary from a few hundred thousand bucks to several millions.

When a candidate is accepted for citizenship through a CBI programme, they are given all the rights and benefits of a citizen of that nation,  access to healthcare and educational opportunities,this includes the freedom to live and work there permanently, and the capacity to apply for a passport.

It is essential to keep in mind that the procedure for gaining citizen status through a CBI scheme can be tricky and needs a lot of documentation/ application work. As such, candidates should seek the guidance of a seasoned immigration lawyer or consultant to make sure they are in compliance with all requirements and successfully finish the application process. At Advision overseas we are able to provide the best guidance as we have a strong workforce complying of professionals such as Advocates, Company secretaries, Lawyers and Immigration consultants that are willing to make this lengthy process and swift job for you. 


1.    Invest in the Country by making a donation toward a government fund, or purchasing real estate or invest in an approved business venture.

2.    Meeting the minimum investment criteria as per the country’s citizenship by investment program.

3.    Clearing criminal checks. 

4.    Meet the residency requirement as per the country

5.    Pay the necessary fee associated with the application process.

Application Process

Authorized Agent

After selecting a nation, you must find certified consultants ( such as ourselves) to help you with the citizenship by investment procedure. These representatives can give information on the criteria and required steps for becoming a citizen as they’re typically authorized by the government. And also have the necessary knowledge. 

Submit an Application

You are required to file a citizenship by investment application after choosing an official agent. This typically involves submitting an application form and providing supporting documentation, like financial verification and background checks.


As soon as your application is approved, you must invest some funds in the company that you have chosen, real estate, government bonds, and contributions to public funds are limited investment opportunities.

Background Check and Due Diligence

The authorities will carry out a background investigation and due care to make sure you match the requirements and that your investment funds are obtained legally. This point is crucial as it is a deal breaker. 

Approval and Citizenship

You will get an acknowledgment of citizenship and become a citizen of the Caribbean nation of your choice if your application is approved.


·       You can avail visa free travel.

·       It can open up opportunities for business investment in the country or region, as well as other markets

·       Favorable tax regimes

·       Great educational institutions, and with a citizenship, you can get access to them at much cheaper rates

·       Citizenship can offer security and stability for individuals and plan a better future.

·       The citizenship programme offers a great lifestyle which is high in standard of living and low maintenance.  


With so many advantages and the application process made easy with Advision Overseas, getting a Caribbean citizenship program can add to your advantage. Hopefully, this article shall help your application to Caribbean Citizenship by Investment an easy process.